The word Zen means complete calmness, finding your inner peace and being completely in harmony with everything that is happening in you and around you. An oasis is a place inside or outside yoo, that offers you everything you need to make your life as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Together, these two words perfectly describe our work.

We offer people what makes them happy, gives them inner peace and fills them with a sense of comfort and joy. Life is too short to drink bad tea.

Let us offer you the best of the best and conjure up a true home Zen oasis with our 100% organic, premium Matcha.

Directly from the land of the rising sun, we have brought you the ultimate organic premium Matcha.

Our specialty is that all Matcha is fresh, because it is specially ground and packaged for us.

Realizing that we live in a flood of products, we really strive to bring you top quality. All our Matcha have a quality certificate..

Our products will awaken all your senses and take you to the magical world of this beautiful rich culture.  

A toast or, as they would say in Japan, Kanpai.