Certificate for organic farming and organic production of Matcha and green teas

The Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1985. OCIA provides research, education and certification to organic growers and processors worldwide. Why choose products produced according to OCIA standards? As one of the world's leading organic certification agencies, OCIA International requires its producers and processors to consistently adhere to organic standards. These standards ensure that: no chemicals, pesticides or other unnatural fertilizers have been used in the fields, pastures, plantations... for at least three years before the first harvest/harvest. That annual unannounced inspections are carried out, which ensure compliance with prescribed norms and standards. And that only the minutes issued in detail, which are submitted to OCIA International, confirm the issuance of the certificate renewal. OCIA International is internationally recognized by both the European Union and Japan. The operating policy, procedures and standards of OCIA International are harmonized with EU regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008, which enables the import and export of organic products to any EU member state.


Vegan product

Vegan Certificate for vegan products confirms that the food or non-food product is obtained and processed without substances of animal origin and is not tested on animals. Certified vegan products are produced without raw materials and other substances of animal origin, as well as without other products and accessories derived from animals. All of the above is taken into account at all stages of production.

Certificate for a safe food system

FSSC 22000 stands for Food Safety System Certification. It is an international food safety standard recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). It is based on the requirements of the universally recognized ISO 22000 standard for a safe food management system, but it is upgraded with additional, highly in-depth requirements. The standard enables the organization to have comprehensive control over the quality and safety management system of products, and at the same time it also prescribes in detail the requirements for the implementation of prerequisite programs, which ensures safety at the highest level.


Biodiversity Conservation Certificate

The Rainforest Alliance is a certification for conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Farms that meet comprehensive sustainability standards and producer organizations that comply with Rainforest Alliance policies are eligible for a license to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ seal and/or to make Rainforest Alliance Certified claims for products grown on farms that have Rainforest Alliance certification.