Active discount codes

We have something for you that will definitely make you extremely happy.


Why should only people who have Instagram see the crazy discount codes for our Matcha girls and boys that we post on our Instagram page?

We decided to publish them for you right here on our site, so you will never miss the active codes of your favorite influencers.


Why did we decide on this extremely unusual move?

Zato ker vemo, da je naša Matcha vrhunska in bi jo morali piti vsi 😉

Because our Matcha is not bitter and is good even for people who didn't like Matcha at all until they tried ours for the first time ;)

Because it's not fair that if you're not on social networks, you don't know about discounts and codes;)

Because Matcha's Zen oasis is something so special and different that it's time for everyone to get to know it ;)

Because we all love discounts and we all love to use codes ;)

Because our Matcha girls and boys are so great that everyone who doesn't have Instagram should get to know them, or start following them ;)

Ker smo enostavno izjemno prijazni in zakaj pa ne če lahko 😉